This blog is for anyone who aspires to one day break into the sports industry. More specifically, I want to target high school and college students that are looking to get their foot in the door and launch a successful sports career.

I write this blog from a unique perspective as a student trying to find his niche within the sports industry. As a rising senior at Georgetown University, my goal is to land a job in sports come graduation one year from now. Over the past three years, I have gained experience in the industry by working for free. On campus, I have volunteered my time with the Georgetown University Athletics Ticketing Office and co-hosted a sports radio show (“The Locker Room“) for WGTB Georgetown Radio. I have also interned remotely at a sports and entertainment talent agency called Q2 Sports & Entertainment. Although I have these experiences under my belt, I will not consider myself “broken in” until I land my first job in sports.

That being said, I want to continue to educate myself and you about how to accomplish that goal. I plan to share my knowledge and advice about the industry with you as well as interview sports business professionals whose input will help you on your quest to break into sports.

You can expect 2 – 3 posts per week. I encourage an open forum of discussion, so please comment on any of my posts. If there are any topics you specifically want to learn about, feel free to email me at

  1. jpittell says:

    I came across your blog from your post on Sports Agent Blog. I’m an incoming college freshman and like you, I aspire to break into the sports industry. I was wondering what types of classes you took these past three years at Georgetown that you feel will have best prepared you for a career in sports. I wish you the best of luck this year and hopefully we can keep in touch!

    Josh Pittell

    • mjr89 says:

      As a student at Georgetown’s business school, most of my classes have been business-related. The only sports course offered for business students is Sports Marketing Strategy, which I took this past semester and loved. You should definitely take any Finance or Accounting classes you can to better understand business terminology that is transferrable to the sports industry. I also happen to like Marketing, but it all really depends on where your interests lie. Any class that uses Microsoft Excel is also great. In terms of liberal arts classes, any English or Writing classes are valuable. Whatever you end up doing in the sports business, you have to know how to write.

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