Start Finding Your Niche

Posted: May 25, 2011 in General
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You have now accepted the truth about what working in the sports industry entails. Now that you are committed to breaking into sports, it is time to find out what part of the industry is going to make you tick.

I recommend starting in Google by typing in searches such as “careers in sports.” Spend at least an hour clicking through the top results and learning about the diversity of jobs available. If a particular aspect of the business catches your eye, do a separate search and continue to absorb as much knowledge as you can.

Besides Google, I also recommend checking out the following links which you can find under my Blogroll:

  • Sports Agent Blog – specifically geared to those who want to pursue careers in athlete representation.
  • Sports Business Daily – a must-read for any aspiring and current sports business professional. It covers the biggest stories in sports business every day. It requires a subscription, but does have a discount for students.
  • Sports Networker – focuses on sports marketing and social media tips.
  • TeamWork Online – database of sports and live event jobs.
  • Work in Sports – database of sports jobs and internships. The job and internship search is free, but it requires a subscription to actually pursue leads.
If your appetite for knowledge about the sports industry is not satisfied, I would recommend purchasing a sports management textbook like Principles and Practice of Sport ManagementWe used this book for my Sports Marketing Strategy course this past semester. I can personally say that the book provided a great overview of the different areas of the sports industry that you could break into. After pursuing these various options, you should have a pretty good idea about what sports career you might like to pursue.
  1. chris says:

    Hey Michael,

    Got your email and wanted to check out your new blog!

    Nice work!

    I like those sites you recommended, however, there’s another site offering a new book you can’t find anywhere else: “How to Land Your First Job in Sports: 7 Simple Steps.”

    It can be found here:


  2. mjr89 says:

    Thanks, Chris. You have now earned a spot on my blogroll! I am looking forward to your book. When is Sports Launch’s blog going to be up and running?

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