7 Sports Career Lessons Learned from Ben Sturner

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Expert Advice
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Ben Sturner

My first Expert Interview with Ben Sturner: An Entrepreneur to Emulate was a big hit. I hope to continue to provide you with valuable content on your quest to breaking into sports. That being said, I want to highlight the main takeaway points from each interview I conduct. From Ben Sturner, CEO of Leverage Agency, we learned the following:

1. Do not be afraid to be entrepreneurial. Acquire a skill set and experience first before you try to set up your own shop.

2. You do not necessarily have to pursue an advanced educational degree to be successful in the sports industry.

3. Follow your dream. If you know you want to work in sports, do it. Go out and get it.

4. Participate in as many internships as you can before landing your first job. Find out what you do and do not like.

5. “Networking is everything in the sports industry.” It can even be instrumental in landing your first sports job. Make sure to treat everyone the same, regardless of their title.

6. Latch on to people you respect and admire as mentors. These are the people who will be there for you when you need them and help take your career to the next level.

7. Be persistent in pursuing your passion. “NO” is just the first two letters of “NOt yet.”

For more information about Ben Sturner and Leverage Agency, please visit his respective bio page and company website. Feel free to follow him and his company on Twitter as well.

  1. Al Lucia says:

    5, 6, and 7 really hit home for me

  2. mjr89 says:

    Networking, finding mentors, and never giving up are so important to succeed in sports. I really liked Ben’s quote about the word “no.” Definitely worth passing along to friends who face rejection at some point. Have you ever met Ben or taken a class with him since your time at Columbia?

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