7 Sports Career Lessons Learned from Kelty Carpenter

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Expert Advice
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Kelty Carpenter

With my second interview under my belt, I noticed a pretty cool observation. Despite asking the same set of questions in Expert Interview with Kelty Carpenter: A Good Attitude Goes a Long Way, the responses she gave me painted a picture unique to her life experiences. Her answers differed from those of Ben Sturner because they often tackled the questions from a different angles. As long as I continue to gain meaningful insights from my standard set of questions, I will keep them in tact. From Kelty Carpenter, Programming Coordinator at ESPN, we learned the following:

1. Pursuing a graduate degree in sports management can be a great launching pad into the industry, especially if you lack contacts or studied liberal arts subjects as an undergraduate.

2. Not everyone plans to work in sports initially. Sometimes you just fall into it. Embrace opportunities when they present themselves throughout your career.

3. Blessings can come in disguise given the way Kelty landed her job at ESPN.

4. Always be prepared for whatever is thrown at you given the circumstances.

5. Protect your reputation vigorously. Be cautious today for the sake of your future.

6. People want to help you out with your career by becoming your mentor. Take advantage of this fact. Meeting for coffee might just be the first step in forming long, productive relationships.

7. Have a good attitude about everything you do. It’s one of the few things you can control that has the capability of taking your career to the next level. Don’t forget to smile!


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