7 Sports Career Lessons Learned from David Francis

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Expert Advice
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David Francis

As the popular saying goes, “Third time’s a charm.” After publishing my third sports industry Expert Interview with David Francis: Be Flexible in Your Approach, I am starting to feel like a real blogger. The interviews have been a ton of fun so far. If you have not picked up on it by now, I publish one sports industry expert interview per week. I will do my best to publish them on Mondays in the future. From David Francis, Coordinator with the Division of Legal and Government Affairs at the USOC, we learned the following:

1. Studying subjects in college that do not directly relate to working in sports should not impede you from breaking into the industry.

2. Pursuing advanced degrees, whether it is a JD and/or a master’s in Sports Management, will further set you apart from your competition who are trying just as hard as you to work in sports.

3. It’s perfectly normal to transform your passion for playing sports as a student-athlete into a passion to work in the business as a professional.

4. Internships are a pre-requisite for breaking into sports. Get some experience to beef up your resume.

5. Turn to mentors who have more experience than you and have likely encountered a problem that you have to deal with.

6. If you want to work in sports, a lot of the time and effort you put into your job will be behind-the-scenes. Although the public may not know your exact role in a project or event, it is very rewarding to see the end-product of your work.

7. Be flexible in your approach to breaking into sports. You do not necessarily have to land your dream job right away. Once you are in the business, it is much easier to move around to where you want to be.

  1. Anurag says:

    Hi, I was an aspiring sports person but now because of some unavoidable circumstances I could not convert my dream to reality, but now as I have completed my MBA, I would like to peruse my dream but in a different form. I want to enter the Sports Industry as a business professional.

    Kindly guide me in this regard. My email ID is olakh.anurag07@gmail.com


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