4 Ways to Gain Sports Industry Experience in College

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Internships
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As you have seen time and time again in my sports industry expert interviews, participation in one or more sports related internships is a pre-requisite for landing a job in sports. That being said, the time to get involved with sports opportunities is now, during your college years. Employers want to see that you already have practical experience that is directly applicable to the job you apply for. Here are 4 ways to get some sports experience:

1. Volunteer for your school’s athletic department.

– This is exactly what I did during my sophomore year at Georgetown. On game days for Men’s Basketball, I assisted the Ticketing Office by handing out wristbands to students hours before the game. It gave me a better appreciation for all the work that goes on behind-the-scenes in sports.
– Other areas within the athletic department that you can gain experience in include, but are not limited, to the following:

Athletic Development
Business & Finance
Corporate Sponsorship
Marketing & Promotions
Sports Information

– Go after the areas of the department that interest you the most, but in the end, you want to take what you can get.

2. Join any sports-related clubs on campus. If possible, obtain a leadership position.

– I am a co-host of a sports radio show on campus as well as an active member of a sports business club.
– If you are a good athlete, play a club sport.
– If there is no sports business club at your school, start one! That will look very impressive to a prospective employer.

3. Seek out an off-campus internship.

– I participated in an out-of-office internship that allowed me to stay involved throughout the whole year.
– Depending on your school’s location, there might be sports companies or teams who have offices nearby. If they have a formal internship program, apply. If they do not, offer free work.

*You will stand a much better chance of interning during the fall, winter, or spring than the summer due to the sheer number of applicants.
*Interning while in school is a function of your academic schedule. Perhaps you can take one less course for a semester or intern part-time if possible.

– Use your school’s Career Center and Alumni Network to your advantage when applying for these internships.

4. Start a sports blog.

– Write about a sports topic you are passionate about. It does not necessarily have to be about the business side of sports. Be creative.
– Promote with social media.
– Become an expert on the topic you choose to write about. Make yourself known in the online community by commenting on other blogs.


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