Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Break into Sports

Posted: July 29, 2011 in General
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As I mentioned in an earlier post about using social media to land a sports job, LinkedIn is one of the three websites I utilize to promote my blog. The number of professionals joining LinkedIn continues to grow every day, especially with the company’s recent successful initial public offering (IPO). With sites like this one, it is becoming increasingly easier to reach out to people we want to connect with. I could not imagine what it was like when our parents applied for jobs. We are so lucky to have such a practical service at our fingertips.

Today I will discuss the more important pros of using LinkedIn to help take your passion for a sports career to the next level.


1. Allows you to display a professional profile, including the highlights of your resume and other personal information. You can control what is visible to people both inside and outside your network.

2. Makes it easy for past employers or friends to endorse your personal brand through its “Recommendation” feature.

3. Identifies 2nd and 3rd connections in your network. In other words, someone you might want to connect with might be a friend of a friend OR a friend of a friend of a friend. In a tightly knit industry like sports, the power of this is enormous.

4. Gives you the freedom to join groups according to your passions, both personal and professional. There are a lot of great sports groups out there. Joining them allows you to comment on discussions as well as start your own. The best part of being a member of a group is that it permits you to send messages to any other group member. Forget emailing sports executives. Reach out to them on LinkedIn!

5. Lets you perform very specific searches for both jobs and people. This is especially helpful if you want to search by sports company and narrow its employees down to those who might be alumni of your college or university. These people were once in your shoes and might be that person who will get your foot in the door. In addition, using the search feature effectively is a great way to “do homework” on people in the industry you are going to meet for the first time.

6. Keeps you up-to-date with what members of your network are doing. Be the first one to congratulate someone on a promotion or new job. Comment on a discussion of theirs to get their attention. You never know what might come of it.


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