7 Sports Career Lessons Learned from Nicola Murphy

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Expert Advice
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Nicola Murphy

I hope you enjoyed Expert Interview with Nicola Murphy: Hard Work Pays Off. At this point, I have given you a good feel for the sports marketing side of the business, whether it is sponsorships, philanthropy, events, or in Nicola’s case, athletes and properties. Marketing is a large part of the sports business and a great way to break into the industry. However, looking forward, I hope to diversify my interviews in terms of different aspects of the industry and levels of experience. Be on the lookout for upcoming interviews with sports agents. From Nicola Murphy, Director of Marketing, Athlete & Property Marketing at Octagon, we learned the following:

1. Working in sports is not just limited to internship and job opportunities within your home country. Develop a global perspective and be willing to take risks.

2. The skill set you develop does will not necessarily confine you to one particular industry. Make your skills transferable, and you can find a back door into the sports industry.

3. Although Nicola recommended three internship experiences, you can still break into the industry having worked in other capacities that may not be directly related to sports. It depends on how badly you want it.

4. Invest the same amount of time in networking as you would a friendship. Commit yourself to developing genuine connections with people, and sustain those relationships.

5. Treat internships as a trial job opportunity and deliver impressive work product every day.

6. Always take advantage of saying hello and learning a little about the executives you meet along the way.

7. It is okay to try out different things. You will end up carving out what you do not like and focusing on what appeals to you along the way.


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